Why Choose Cloud Storage over Hard Disk Storage?

Do you want to free up hard disk space, but don't know where to transfer the files you need? Cloud storage is a good alternative in this case. Unfortunately, not all users know what cloud storage is. In this article, we will outline cloud storage.

How to effectively free hard disk space?

Modern people strive for mobility and try to give up everything that can hinder them in this. Most users no longer keep family photo albums. They have gone digital and are stored in the device's memory or external drives.

When we use a computer, we have and store all kinds of files: documents, music, photos, videos, etc. We store all this data on our hard drives. The hard disk drive is a device for storing data on your computer. Hard disks come in different sizes. At the moment, the volume of hard drives is quite large. Nevertheless, we have a lot of information. Therefore, over time, our hard drives become so clogged that the operating system cannot run normally.

A hard drive will also be handy in some cases and has some advantages:

  • One-time purchase (you don't have to pay for the disc every month).
  • Low price (you will pay more for the same amount of cloud).
  • High operating speed

If you want to expand the memory on such a device, it will be impossible to achieve this. You will have to buy a new disk with more memory, while in the cloud you can always buy the necessary space.

What is cloud storage?

The question arises: where to store important data? For these purposes, cloud storage was developed. Such technologies came into our lives a few years ago. Cloud storage was originally associated with virtual hard drives for storing files on the Internet, but over time, other computer components moved to the cloud, turning cloud storage into a flexible, multifunctional work environment.

Unlike a physical hard drive, for which a fee is paid once and the time of use is unlimited, you will have to pay regularly for a virtual one. Either once a month or once a year.

The best alternatives of cloud storage today are:

  • Drobox
  • GoogleDrive
  • MicrosoftOneDrive
  • Box
  • SpiderOak One
  • Sugar Sync.
  • Advantage of the cloud storage

    The cloud in many ways wins over the hard drive. Powerful technologies allow you to store not only specific files but also copies of them until changes are made. This allows you to make backup copies of data and restore them at any time in any of the saved variations. And if the hard drive is damaged, then there will be practically no chance of recovery.

    The cloud can be used as additional space for storing photos on the network, or you can expand the capabilities and replace it with a computer for corporate tasks. You can store documents in the cloud or create a multifunctional infrastructure that will host full-fledged operating systems, static files for running websites, collaboration platforms, and many other business solutions.

    Besides, cloud storage is decentralized: you can access files from any gadget – from a smartphone or office computer. All you need to know is your username and password. Decentralization allows corporations to create cloud structures and host databases, operating systems, software, and site static files in large volumes without performance degradation. Thus, company employees have access to powerful remote PCs. This simplifies the collaboration of teams and partially eliminates the need for offices and their data centers.

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